“We are the places we’ve been to,
they are a part of us.”

Jim Harrison

What are your favorite addresses?


Dear user, investor, journalist, blogger, youtuber, traveler from the future…

We are Philipe and Stefan, two brothers who spent the last year in a cave, living off of just coffee and pizza, in order to work on a really cool project.
We opened the windows this morning and the sun was shining, the birds were chirping…
Glintter was born…

Philipe Calaci
Stefan Calaci


Glintter is a free social networking app where users can save and share their favorite places.
Simple, practical and fun!

Glintter Screens


Pick your story…


Tap add, validate, and voila! Your spot is saved and stored in your pocket for you and your entourage!
You will be able to edit the place at any time and add lots of useful information!
With Glintter, you’re the guide!


During an introspective trip to Rio de Janeiro where I just ended up playing beach volleyball, I was walking along Ipanema Beach, eager to dive into its waves when the urge to take a dip made me forget the little piece of paper in my swimsuit pocket.
I had just arrived and already lost the address of the place I was staying at…


Because we inevitably forget addresses when we most need them, and because we all like to discover new places…
This project was first born out of a personal need that I soon discovered was a need for a great number of people.
And that’s why I’m convinced of its authenticity…


You and me. We all have favorite addresses…
City lovers, adventurers, travelers, curious wanderers always in search of the best hidden places,
atypical restaurants and bars, gorgeous landscapes, all out there for us to discover.

Our community is growing daily, and we hope you will join!


If I sparked your curiosity, try it yourself!
This app is useful and convenient, and if you agree, talk to people around you, share it, write an article, and contact us!


Still there? Let’s get to know each other…


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